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Serv-U File Server

Serv-U File Server

Serv-U является мощным, гибким и легким в установке FTP сервером для всех платформ Windows. Функции безопасности обеспечиваются паролями и установкой прав на запись/чтение/изменение для каталогов и файлов для каждого пользователя, а также контролем доступа по IP-адресам..
К другим особенностям относится поддержка одновременной работы нескольких пользователей, установка коэффициентов для upload/download, установка дисковых квот, поддержка возобновления приема-передачи, поддержка SSL для обеспечения безопасных соединений, мониторинг работы пользователей в реальном времени и ведения логов

Что нового:
-Added Application Indicator support for Unity desktops on Canonical Linux distributions (e.g., Ubuntu 11.04).
-Added HTTP buffer "sanity" limits to help avoid potential POST DoS attacks.
-Updated OpenSSL libraries from 0.9.8r to 0.9.8t.
-Added the use of the "426 Data connection unexpectedly closed." to the PASV, EPSV, PORT, and EPRT commands.
-Updated Swedish strings throughout the Engine, Management Console, and Web Client.
-Install Russian MFC resource DLL for Russian language installations.
-Install each available MFC locale resource DLL in installation directory to provide proper localization support.
-Improved Mobile Web Client layout to better support tablet devices by moving tool bar to the top of the page and adding dynamic image preview sizing based on device.
-Updated Spanish and Russian strings for FTP Voyager JV and Web Client Pro.
-Added the ability to play .m4a files within browsers other than Safari and those running on Apple computers.

Bug Fixes:
-Corrected a bug, introduced in version, where the FTP data channel outbound sockets buffering was too large. On non-local connections Serv-U would believe all data was sent prior to it physically being sent to the client causing Serv-U to send the 226 response to the client long before the client received the data.
-Corrected a potential but unlikely security problem where UNC path roots could be incorrectly compared between two UNC directory access rules where only the UNC root (e.g., "\\Server-1\share\..." and "\\Server-2\share...") was the difference between the two rules. Drive roots (e.g., "D:\..." and "C:\...") were not affected.
-Corrected a database table creation bug where columns could all be created as VARCHAR(32) limiting the space available for longer strings.
-Corrected a bug where Serv-U would not start from the tray while Windows UAC was enabled and Serv-U was setup to run as a service.
-Corrected a bug where the Serv-U Tray's special "Documents" folder icon information was being incorrectly written to the Windows "Desktop.ini" file preventing Windows from showing the Serv-U Tray's Theme folder icon.
-Corrected a minor memory leak in the Tray application's use of embedded Internet Explorer.
-Corrected a Management Console and Web Client bug where certain elements would not work correctly when using Firefox version 10.0 browser.
-Corrected a Management Console bug where validation for email input was not allowing legitimate email addresses.
-Corrected a Management Console bug where context menus did not work on text areas.
-Corrected a Management Console bug where selecting a cell in the "Template" column in the "SQL Templates" dialog would not allow editing of the "Value" column.
-Corrected a bug in the Web Client where double clicking on a file or directory would trigger the "Move" command.
-Corrected a bug in the Web Client where the "Image Preview" dialog was not large enough to support the long button labels used in the Spanish translations.
-Corrected the Spanish Web Client Help Table of Contents translation.
-Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where similar file names were not being sorted correctly (e.g., "New folder" vs. "New folder - Copy (1)" vs. "New folder - Copy (2)").
-Corrected a bug in Web Client Pro's transfer queue where similar file names were not being sorted correctly (e.g., "New folder" vs. "New folder - Copy (1)" vs. "New folder - Copy (2)").

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