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Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012 x86/x64 (English/Russian - ISO)

Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012 x86/x64 (English/Russian - ISO)

Autodesk Revit Architecture - специализированное решение для архитектурного проектирования и информационного моделирования зданий в строительстве объектов промышленного и гражданского назначения.

Key features:
. Parametric Components
Parametric Components, also known as families, are the basis of the design process in Autodesk Revit Architecture. By their nature, they are the elementary units of the project. Parametric Components can represent a simple building elements (walls, columns, etc.) and more complex - for example, furniture and various equipment. To work with parametric components is not necessary to know any programming language.
. Tools for the conceptual design
Autodesk Revit Architecture contains a new simple-to-use conceptual design. They facilitate the creation of sketches, models of any shape and make it difficult to manipulate. You can specify the shape and geometry in the form of real building components to ensure a smooth transition to the drafting and issuing documentation. In the course of Autodesk Revit Architecture automatically generates a parametric framework for forms, providing a high level of accuracy and flexibility. Within one environment, you can prepare working papers, based on a conceptual model.
. Supports 64-bit operating systems
Native 64-bit computing improves productivity and stability of performance of tasks requiring a considerable amount of memory, including imaging, printing, updating of the model and import / export files.
. Check for conflicts
Function is used to scan objects, three-dimensional model for the presence of spatial conflicts.
. Bill of materials
The tool works with the Bill of Materials Material Takeoff allows to determine the need for materials and their cost. The accuracy and timeliness of the information about the materials provided by the mechanism of parametric change management.
. Interface based on the task at hand
The interface has a convenient organization, providing a large area of ??the graphics area and easy access to the commands and tools.
. Components of nodes
Take advantage of the expanded library of detail components Autodesk Revit Architecture. Library components can be changed according to accepted standards in the design organization, as well as create their own library collection.
. Visualization Projects
You can perform photo-realistic visualization of the model. Thanks to the convenient online tools and a high rate of mental ray provides high-performance project.
. Project options
Study of different versions of the draft is no longer a tedious task. Therefore, we can easily provide customers several options. In addition, each of the options is calculated and presented in visual form.
. Bi-directional associativity
One of the main advantages of the program is the inclusion of even the slightest change. All about Autodesk Revit Architecture model is centrally stored, namely in the project file. Due to this editing component on any kind of changes the whole building model.
. Specifications
Specification - a form of presentation of a model in Autodesk Revit Architecture. Changes in the specification are automatically reflected in all other types of models. You can share an associative table of specifications, as well as use in the project elements such as formulas and filters.
. Revit Building Maker
Revit Building Maker offers the possibility of developing functional projects based on conceptual forms. For the formation of walls, roofs, floors and wall protections enough to choose the appropriate face. For the resulting model of the building can generate a variety of reports - such as area and volume. Conceptual forms can be created directly in Autodesk Revit Architecture, or imported as formative elements of applications such as AutoCAD , form-Z, Rhino, Google SketchUp , and other applications based on ACIS and NURBS.

Opportunities Autodesk Revit Architecture provide effective collaboration of specialists in different disciplines. Now you can export the model of a building or site with metadata in AutoCAD Civil 3D and import the exact model from Autodesk Inventor - CAD for industrial 3D-design.

Размер: 10.2 GB
Язык: русский,английский
Таблетка: присутствует

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