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CheckUp 2.7.3

CheckUp 2.7.3
CheckUp 2.7.3
Mac OS X | 20.5 MB

With its use of the latest Mac OS X technologies, breakthrough easeofuse and innovation, all Mac users will find CheckUp very useful and even fun. Its like the dashboard of your car! CheckUp is designed to check the health of your disks and memory. CheckUp is also able to detect the most common issues found on Mac computers upon launch. It will show you how to fix them.

CheckUp allows you to visualize the behavior of your computer in real time with a clear interface accessible to all levels.
Whether you are a beginner or professional, you will be able to survey your processor activity, the level of filling for your disks,
the processes using the most resources and the network activity. You can detect duplicate files present on your disk
and delete them, uninstall unused applications with associated files, optimize the performance of your Mac
and more. CheckUp is able to monitor the health of your computer even when the application is not launched thanks
to a small process running in the background. In case of serious problems, you will be alerted with a notification message
that will appear above any application.

Universal Binary
This product is using the universal binary technology built by Apple. This will allow the application to run on any Mac,
containing either a PowerPC chip or an Intel chip, without any speed slowdown, or program emulation.

Modern Code / Experience
Built in Cocoa and Objective C, the application supports by default all Mac OS X technologies. We care about the user experience,
details and nice interfaces compliant to Apple Human Guidelines.

Staying In Touch
We love hearing from all of our customers, new and old. Let us know what youre up to and well do the same! This product works
because its built by people like you for people like you. Need a feature Request it. Were always listening.

A powerful application with a stunning user interface
Automatic detection of memory and disk failures
Automatic detection of 20 most common Mac issues
Integrated tool to uninstall applications and the related items
Integrated tool to remove duplicate files
Beautiful graphs for processors and network activities

System requirment
Mac Os X 10.6 or 10.5
Version 2.7.3:
Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

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