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iCash 7.3

iCash 7.3
iCash 7.3
Mac OS X | 37 MB

iCash is a software intended to control your personal finances, keeping track of incomes, expenses, credits, debts and Banks transactions for you. As simple as creating the accounts you need and move money between them! You dont even need to know about accounting or even care about it! Your finances depend largely on good organization that lets you know where your money comes from and to where it goes.

iCash is an easytouse, full featured and multipurpose Personal Finance Manager tool for Macintosh and Windows intended to help you control all kinds of money issues. iCash can serve several small accounting needs for either private users, or clubs, associations, selfemployed, small businesses or simply to be used at home, making keeping track of incomes, expenses and Banks transactions a snap. With a few clicks you can begin creating accounts and making transactions in minutes.

iCash is versatile and userfriendly. For this reason it doesnt use the principle of doubleentry bookkeeping making it much easier to be used by people with very little or no accounting knowledge at all. Simply create accounts for all your expenses, incomes, Banks... and start moving money between them! iCash will then allow you to find out where all your money comes from and where it goes. All accounts are well organized according to userdefined categories and builtin types so reports can be tailored to include all records or only ones meeting specified criteria. iCash also allows you to have as many money manager documents as necessary so you can control almost anything from Clubs, associations, home and so on at the same time.

iCash is also available in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch and Portuguese.

Key Features

Detects and use your language if available.
No accounting knowledge required, no doubleentry bookkeeping.
Easytouse, straightforward and userfriendly allinone interface.
Share your documents between your Mac and your PC hassle free.
Unlimited Accounts, Categories and Contacts.
Logical Account classification by category and type.
Multiple currencies support with exchange rate manager.
Transaction autobalance and reconciliation.

Scheduled and recurring transactions support.
Full Budget support with customizable calculator.

Project categorization of transactions for queries and reporting.

Predefined customizable Reports.

Advanced recordable Queries and Statistics.

Chart creation by account, type, category including Profit & Loss.

Fast Import and Export of Categories, Accounts and Transactions. (OFX, QIF, CSV)
Powerful SQL database engine with autobackup protection.
Multidocument interface with password protection.
Native versions for Mac OS X (Universal) and Windows.

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