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SnowTape 2.0.7 (757)

SnowTape 2.0.7 (757)
SnowTape 2.0.7 (757)
Mac Os X | 16 MB

With Snowtape you have access to thousands of radio stations worldwide. The integrated Online Directory is only a starting point. With the import features and the tight browser integration you can connect Snowtape to your favorite radio or to your local broadcasts.

Online Directory
It currently contains over 3000 high quality radio stations and more are included every day. The 'Tune in' button starts playback of a station immediately. You can choose to import a radio station into your local library or email the link to a friend. A list of the Top 100 radio stations always gives you 1-click access to the most popular radio stations on the internet.

Import and Export Radio Streams
You can import any radio station you find using its stream URL or its internet playlist file. Snowtape is able to evaluate the source and upon success makes the radio station available for you to listen to.

Stream to Airport Express and Apple TV
Snowtape 2 fully supports the AirPlay protocol for music and is able to stream radio and recordings to your Airport Express or to your Apple TV. The Apple TV also displays song information like title, artist and cover on your big screen. You can even stream to multiple devices at the same time. This is radio as it always should have been!

Background Recording
With Snowtape 2 you can now record from multiple radio stations at once. With the new and vastly improved recording engine it is still easy to start a recording yet it is powerful enough to handle multiple sources simultaneously without slowing down your system performance. This has been accomplished by introducing the Zero-Reencoding Recording Process which allows to record and edit compressed audio. This new method is also the foundation for Recording Schedules.

Automatic cutting and filtering
Snowtape uses transmitted stream titles to automatically cut the stream at track boundaries. Using artist name, song title and track duration, Snowtape can filter out commercials and duplicates.

Create Recording Schedules
You can program the recording engine to record at a certain time in the future or to record your favorite weekly show. Suppose you like to record a daily show at 11 pm and you do not want to get up everyday to hit the record button. Just create a recording schedule for that particular time and set 'everyday' as the date. All episodes for the show are being presented together in one playlist.

Wake up your Mac
You don't have to leave your Mac turned on only to have it record a scheduled radio show when you are not around. Instead use the built-in option to schedule your Mac to wake up just before the radio show starts. While Snowtape is recording, your Mac discards the Energy Saver settings. And after the recording has finished your Mac goes to sleep again after the normal timeout set in the Energy Saver settings.

Find Album Artwork
Find gorgeous looking album artwork for your recorded songs with the built-in search engine. Select a song that doesn't have album artwork and click on the cover search button. Snowtape finds matching covers in an instant. On top you can also supply your own images.

Professional-grade Editor
The editor has been re-imagined from the ground up. We've not only added audio waveforms but also zooming, scrolling, creating new tracks from a selection, etc. The new editor now displays not only the audio from the selected recording but the audio of whole recording session. This means you can not only cut away audio samples but also add audio samples that would have been lost before.

Audio Fingerprint Identification
Create a new track from a selection of an audio region. Snowtape tries to identify the song by using an audio fingerprint algorithm and the huge music database.

Export MP3, AAC or Lossless
Snowtape supports the most advanced audio codecs and guarantees full compatibility to your preferred music player. You have the choice of exporting to MP3 or AAC files. Or you choose the Source Format exporter which takes the recorded compressed audio data and converts it into an appropriate audio format that maintains full audio quality while adding album artwork and metadata to it. On top, you can choose wether you want to add Fade-In/Fade-Out effects.

1-Click Export to iTunes
You also have the option to let iTunes manage your exported files. This way you don't have to fiddle around with files and the Mac OS X Finder.

Requires Mac OS X 10.6, 64/32 bit compatible Intel based Mac, Broadband internet connection

Mirror 1(FS)

Mirror 2(FSN)

Mirror 3(ulD)

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