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Harmony 1.5

Harmony 1.5
Harmony 1.5
Mac Os X | 8.6 MB

Harmony is dynamic worship for your Mac. Designed to make a big impact, and be light on your budget, it excels at displaying songs, media and scripture to your worshippers.

Here are a few of it’s features.

Build services
Gather your songs, scripture verses and media for each service. All previous services are easily accessible.

Do anything at any moment
Even with your service built, anything can happen. Harmony can get to any song or media item in a flash.

Full media support
Still images, movies and Quartz Compositions are all supported as backgrounds.

Widescreen support

Harmony automatically scales to the size and aspect ratio of the projector, TV or monitor that it is attached to.

Puts your lyrics in motion as you sing.

SongSelect Import with autologon

Import songs from the SongSelect service provided by CCLI. Your SongSelect username and password can be stored for automatic access.

Live search
Get search results instantly by entering words from a song title, a song writer’s name or perform a full text search of all song lyrics.

Use all of the popular translations through integration with Accordance Bible

Nursery Call
Parents of children who require attention can be called by placing their child’s check in number on top left corner of the presentation.

Preview Window
If you don’t always have a second monitor or projector handy, Harmony will provide a smaller preview on a single monitor system.

Automatic Updates
Always stay up-to-date on the latest features and fixes.

Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later (including 10.6)
An Apple Mac capable of supporting 2 monitors and Quartz Extreme
SongSelect importing requires a subscription from CCLI and Internet connection
Scripture requires Accordance Bible from OakTree Software

Harmony 1.5

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