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Dell OEM Recovery DVD Windows 7 Professional х86 RUS_ENG Dec 2010

Dell OEM Recovery DVD Windows 7 Professional х86 RUS_ENG Dec 2010

Dell OEM Recovery DVD Windows 7 Professional х86 RUS_ENG Dec 2010

Dell OEM Recovery DVD Windows 7 Professional х86 RUS_ENG (12 - 12 - 2010) | 2,8 Gb

Name of Program: Dell OEM Recovery DVD Windows 7 Professional x86 [English, Russian] by The Hacker
Program Version: Professional
The method of licensing: OEM

Suitable for laptops, PCs and workstations production Dell.
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional - currently the latest operating system, the optimum solution for both home use and for the functioning of the office. Provides advanced features for business, entertainment, storage, backup, protection and recovery information. Supports the ability to securely connect to corporate networks through a domain.
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional - a flexible operating system, sharpened under the execution of business tasks.

Key features of Windows 7 Professional:
# Significant increase in performance: fast startup and shutdown, fast switching treatments and regimes.
# Module management system, optimization of load distribution, protection against unforeseen failures and deadlocks, invisible to the user an automatic diagnosis system.
# Intelligent technology to accelerate the retrieval of necessary files and programs and convenient viewing of search results. Every element of your files that are stored on Windows 7, you can now find in minutes!
# Built-in web search option via Windows Internet Explorer 8.
# View, pausing, rewinding back and record TV programs using the Windows Media Center.
# System of parental controls to prevent unauthorized usage and block unwanted data.
# Flexible configuration of Microsoft Windows 7 Professional.
# Ensure the compatibility of devices, providing all the necessary drivers via the Update Center Windows.
# Ensure full compatibility of applications within the system, built-in compatibility.
# You can easily copy data and settings from your old PC to the next.

Additional Windows 7 Professional:
* Basic security functions: protecting the core of change, strengthening the protection services that prevent unauthorized execution of data protection against accidental changes in the structure of the address space, the preservation of mandatory integrity levels.
* Increased battery life by reducing the total number of background tasks, diagnose the causes of cost overruns of energy, auto-save power during idle time, reducing the brightness of the display, sleep mode, etc.
* For IT-specialists in Microsoft Windows 7 Professional provides Command line interface, support for WMI-script to view the data means for analyzing the stability of the system (RAC), monitoring system stability.

Laptops, PCs and workstations from Dell for which the manufacturer recommended installation of Windows 7

Be careful when choosing your language, as the Professional version does not support functions doustanovki and change the language of the system (only in the console, you can change the language) ...

List of OEM: SLP keys Dell:
Unlike the Dell OEM Recovery DVD Windows 7 Professional x86 [Multi]:
- Remove all wording from the image but the professional version;
- Removed all languages except English, added Russian language;
- Added ability to select the Russian language at boot from CD ...

System requirements:
The central processor - x86 or x86-64 with a 1 GHz
The amount of RAM - 1 GB
Hard drive - 16 GB (minimum space for installation - 10.5 GB)
GPU - adapter with support for DirectX 9 graphics and 128 MB of memory.
On file
Vendor: Dell
Treatment: Other
Type of medicine: Other
Language: English, Russian
Size: 2,85 GB

Dell OEM Recovery DVD Windows 7 Professional х86 RUS_ENG Dec 2010

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