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Windows 7 Performance Edition x86/x64 Embedded (September, 2010)

Windows 7 Performance Edition x86/x64 Embedded (September, 2010)

Windows 7 Performance Edition x86/x64 Embedded (September, 2010)

Windows 7 Performance Edition x86/x64 Embedded (September, 2010) | 2.09 GB

Code Name : 7 Performance Edition/Blazing Fast edition
Size : 2.09 GB (2,254,688,256 bytes)
Architecture : x86 and x64/embedded
Windows : based on Windows 7 Ultimate x86/x64
Version : 7600 FINAL
Activation: Not Required/Pre-Activated

This for those who need the performance in windows 7 Ultimate.In this new era where performance and also visual looks are important..I have managed a quite bit to add both. THis ll be the first edition to be optimized largely and is sure ll be powerful
tool to have. Many items removed many items added totally new style. If you need aero effects u just need to install the a/v drivers of u r system. U ll get all the new aero effects includin avalon effects

Windows 7 Performance Edition x86/x64 Embedded (September, 2010)
Windows 7 Performance Edition x86/x64 Embedded (September, 2010)
Theme : 2 themes/Aero & S-Aero
Effects : All activated
Icons : Glossy Red Icons

All new special Optimization
Newly Created Registry tweaks
Build on both archi [ x86 and x64 ] [Embedded edition]
Embedded and highly compressed
Lots of safe programming

Installs just under 8 minutes [ TESTED on my i7, Quadcore, etc.. ]
Boots up within 5 Secs [ Manually need to set No GUI boot]

Tweaks and Removals:
Removed Items
Character Map
Disk Clean up
Infrared File Transfer Application
Mobility Center
On Screen Magnifier
People Near Me
Projector Connectivity
Speech Support
WElcome center
Windows fax and scanner
Windows repair disc


Language packs:
All Lang packs removed

Mobile PC Presentation
Sample Musics and Video
Sample Pictures
Screen savers
Sound recorder
Windows DVD Maker
Windows ISO Burn
Windows Media Center

Remote desktop connection

Disk Defragmenter
Parental Controls
Windows backup
Windows Defender
Windows Search

Adapter trouble shooter
Advanced UAC
Extended copy utility
Location and mobile PC Center
Manual Windows Setup
Microsoft custom directory
MS Sync Center
Natural Language
System Restore
Tablet PC
Windows Easy Transfer
Windows Help
Windows portable device

Control panel Shortcuts added
Application time out 2ms
Shows Windows live
Timeout hook 2ms
Wait to kill 2ms
Run on start menu
Task bar shutdown button
Small task bar icons
Administrative tools on start menu

Context menu
My computer
Device manager
Group policy
MS Config
God mode
Reg Edit
Admin tools
change cursor
Change time and date
change internet options
Change regional options
Change sounds
change themes
Change screen resln
Change wallpaper
Desktop Icon settings
DPI scaling
Folder options
N/w Connections
Reg Edit
Task manager
User accounts

Copy to
Move to
Grant admin permission
Open with notepad
Register and unregister .dll

Windows firewall disabled
Power down after shutdown
Hibernation enabled
System prefetcher disabled
No Low disk space warning
Got rid of windows mail splash screen
Beep sound disabled
Full info during shutdown

Visual effects
Thick windows frame
Slow motion windows effect
Transparent glass
Aero shake
Aero snap
Windows dreamscene activated
Avalon effects enabled
Minimize maximise animation
Drag to maximize
Colorisation Opaque Blend
S-Aero theme provided
Wallpapers removed
New logon screen
Gadgets activated
Sample musics removed[/center]
Windows 7 Performance Edition x86/x64 Embedded (September, 2010)

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