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Windows Home Server Vail CTP4

Windows Home Server Vail CTP4

Windows Home Server Vail CTP4
Windows Sofware | Windows Home Server Vail CTP4 | 3.11 GB

Windows Home Server - a server operating system with Microsoft, which is targeted at home users (as the name implies - Eng. Home - home) for use in home networks. Windows Server ? Code Name Vail is the next generation version of Window Home Server. Vail builds upon both on-premises and cloud technologies to deliver a best-in-class solution for home networks and SOHO. Out of the box, Vail provides simple file sharing, remote access, home computer backup, expandable storage through Drive Extender, and media streaming both inside and outside the home. Vail also contains an application catalog and product-wide extensibility model so that new services such as anti-virus, online sharing, and home automation can be seamlessly and easily added to the solution. Vail will be available pre-installed on systems by OEM partners, and a standalone software package will also be available for those who want to build their own systems.
Developer: Microsoft
Year: 2009
File Size: 3.11 Gb

System requirements:
Vail 2 GHz x64 processor
at least one 120 GB hard drive
NTFS is the only supported file system
The router supports DHCP;
VGA monitor (only during installation);
Keyboard and mouse (only during the installation).

Hash Windows Home Server CTP4 EN [build 7360]
InstallDVD.iso 0?19E3DF689E4B37648EC538188203D061650745B4 0?131D87E9
RestoreCD.iso 0xD355456C2EA09CAFB464307220C5A2FE28BAB782 0xE6F776FB

On the file:
Enabling | reg code: not required
Interface Language: English
File Format: iso
Platform: x64

Windows Home Server Vail CTP4

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