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Windows XP 2003 x86 x64 Multi Boot DVD - eXPerience [ 7 in 1 ]

Windows XP 2003 x86 x64 Multi Boot DVD - eXPerience [ 7 in 1 ]

Windows XP 2003 x86 x64 Multi Boot DVD - eXPerience [ 7 in 1 ]

Windows XP 2003 x86 x64 Multi Boot DVD - eXPerience [ 7 in 1 ]| 2GB

This DVD includes 4 Windows installations and 3 extra boot options...

1) Install Windows XP SP3 (x86) June 2009
2) Install Windows XP SP2 (x64) June 2009
3) Install Server 2003 SP2 (x86) June 2009
4) Install Server 2003 SP2 (x64) June 2009

5) Acronis Backup + Restore (Safe for Vista)
6) Hiren's BootCD v9.9 (Includes live Windows XP)
7) SpinRite v6.1 (Hard Disk Testing and Repair)

Nothing is removed from any of these four Windows editions.

They are complete.

To install Windows from this DVD, set your PC up so it will boot from
the DVD-ROM in the PC's BIOS.

In all four editions of Windows you have access to the "Repair" option.

You can install Windows as an "upgrade" from within Windows with
the relevant setup.exe in XP32/XP64/WS32/WS64.

You do not need any product key in this release.

The installation is the same as a normal Windows setup, asking you
for your Language settings, Timezone, Username and network/workgroup
settings just the same as normal Windows. The only thing you will
not get asked for is a product key.

You can access the "Repair Option" in all four Windows options, unlike
unattended Windows where that option is missing, due to the answer file
and its [Unattended] section.

In the x86 aka "normal" versions, the latest Onepiece addon was used.
This fully updates windows with one single addon pack, to June 2009.

In the x64 versions, the latest 5eraph pack was used and IE8 and
WMP11 addons were also slipstreamed afterwards, along with other
goodies like DirectX. Windows is updated to June 2009.

For full details of all hotfixes and updates,
see the INFO.TXT file included in each folder:

- XP32 = Windows XP x86
- XP64 = Windows XP x64
- WS32 = Server 2003 x86
- WS64 = Server 2003 x64


In the x86 editions only, you have the following drivers:

- Bluetooth
- Broadband
- Chipset --------> (included by default)
- CPU ------------> (included by default)
- Graphics
- Input Devices
- LAN Ethernet ---> (included by default)
- Modems
- Monitors
- Phones
- Printer, Canon
- Printer, Hewlett Packard
- SATA -----------> (included by default)
- Scanners
- Sound ----------> (included by default)
- TV Cards
- USB Devices
- Virtual
- Webcams
- Wireless LAN ---> (included by default)

As long as you are there at the PC after the first reboot (just after
Windows files have copied) then you will see a driver selector pop up.

You have one minute to do something (moving the mouse stops the timer)
here you can tick boxes to extract all the drivers you could need from
the selection above.

The minute timer stops when you move the mouse so, you can choose and
take time over it.

If you do not catch this in time, or are not sat at the PC when this
driver selector has timed out (after one minute) then only the packs
above that say "(included by default)" will be included. This is done
to avoid massive driverpacks like the printer packs extracting on
a PC where there is no point because it has no printer. You can in
theory also just untick all the driverpacks if you want, but its
recommended to leave it as it is and maybe also tick all 3 graphics
packs to include your VGA card drivers.

Plug in and switch on devices such as printers or phones etc if you
want the drivers to install, you must plug in devices to allow the
drivers to install. For internal devices this doesn't apply. Dont
forget to tick the correct driverpack(s).


Some very small but useful programs added to all installs:

- AllSnap v1.33.2 (x86 only)
- Driver Magician (x64 only)
- Everything v1.2.1.371
- Flash Player v10.0.22.87
- Foxit PDF Reader Pro v3.0.1301
- GetDiz v4.4.0.0
- HashTab v2.1.1
- Prio v1.9.8.1536
- Royale Theme set as default (XP) Royale Noir (Server 2003)
- WinRAR v3.80

NOTE: All the Start Menu entries are removed for the above programs,
(except Driver Magician) simply because you do not need anything on
the Start Menu for any of these programs, so the Start Menu is kept
nice and tidy.

All these programs are very small and all of them can be uninstalled
in Add/Remove programs, but why would you ever remove any of these!

If you have never tried "allSnap" or "Everything" before, you will be
pleasantly surprised.

eXPerience folder (Desktop)

Most of these folders contain quick solutions to things that otherwise
would be buried away in the Windows GUI or require DOS style commands.

- DeskSave (save desktop icon layout)
- Hibernation (turn hibernation on or off)
- Registry Backup (quickly backup the entire registry)
- Services Configuration Files (reduce RAM usage and speed up boot time)
- ShrinkXP Scripts (reduce bloat and speed up virus scan, backup, defrag)
- System Restore (can be re-enabled here)
- User Password (access the screen to choose if windows needs a password)
- WGA Tray Popups (XP SP3 x86 only - removes WGA tray popups)

ISO folder (on the DVD root)

In the ISO folder on the DVD you can make a single 700Mb (or less) ISO
file of any of the four Windows installations, to use as a standalone
CD. This CD will not have any of the other 7 options, only the Windows
version you chose.

In the x86 editions the same programs are included, and some drivers.

In Server 2003 x64 the PRINTERS and SUPPORT folders both had to be
removed to fit the installation onto one 700Mb CD.

APPS folder (on the DVD root)

Contains LINKS ONLY to the following programs:

Comodo Firewall
ESET Anti-Virus v4.0.417.0 (x86 + x64)
SMplayer Portable (supports all video/audio files)

Enjoy this fine release from eXPerience

Windows XP 2003 x86 x64 Multi Boot DVD - eXPerience [ 7 in 1 ]

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