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Operation Flashpoint Red River PS3-RiOT

Operation Flashpoint Red River PS3-RiOT
Operation Flashpoint Red River PS3-RiOT
Apr 15, 2011| PS3 game | English | Publisher: Codemasters | Developer: Codemasters | 7.7 GB
Genre: First-Person Shooter (FPS)

Delivering an authentic and intensely personal US Marine Corps infantryman experience, Operation Flashpoint: Red River offers an epic campaign played out on a deadly new battlefield set in the remote yet beautiful country of Tajikistan along the Vakhsh River.

Red River depicts a fictional conflict with contemporary geopolitical themes, unfolding over three distinct acts in both single player and drop-in-drop-out co-operative play for up to four players online. Faced with new counter-insurgency combat and the returning threat of the Chinese PLA, players will feel the tension, brutality and carnage of modern conflict from the perspective of a marine fireteam on deployment in a hostile country.

Building extensively on the successes of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Red River brings wide-ranging advancements including a deeper narrative-led campaign, streamlined inventory and control system, a refined enemy and squad AI system, player class roles including customizable XP upgrades and loadout choice, close-quarters combat, new air support options and comprehensive tutorials. Players will also be able to team up with their friends to play through additional co-operative game modes. Whether escorting a convoy to safety under heavy fire, or falling back from the enemy against almost insurmountable odds, each unique mode will test players' tactics and teamwork in distinct ways.

Features :

Get closer to the real experience of US Marines on campaign in the ultimate tactical infantry shooter
Stand together with 4 player drop-in drop-out online co-op multiplayer in campaign mode and standalone Fire Team Engagements
Play as Grenadier, Scout, Rifleman and Automatic Rifleman classes, each with unique strengths and weaknesses for increased replayability
Earn and spend XP on weapons, attachments and abilities for each of the fireteam's specialists
Call in Combat Support such as Mortars, Howitzers and JDAMs, while AH-1Z Helicopters and A-10 Ground Attack Aircraft provide Close Air Support

Operation Flashpoint Red River PS3-RiOT
Operation Flashpoint Red River PS3-RiOT
Operation Flashpoint Red River PS3-RiOT

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