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Robocop (PCEng2003)

Robocop (PCEng2003)

Robocop (PC/Eng/2003)
Platform: PC | Developer & Publisher: Titus Interactive | Release Date:April-2003 | Size: 75 Mb
Lang: Eng | ESRB Descriptors: Blood, Violence
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
This first-person shooter pits Robocop against the sinister OCP Corporation. In RoboCop, OCP Senior President Dick Jones was threatened by Bob Morton, the man behind the RoboCop project. After Morton went over Jones's head to greenlight the project, Jones felt threatened and successfully had Morton murdered.
RoboCop is a tool of OCP, and he literally had his humanity and individuality stolen from him through being made into a robot policeman. RoboCop is controlled through three directives: Serve the public trust. Protect the innocent. Uphold the law. The twist is that there's a hidden fourth directive preventing him from harming OCP board members.

* Nine extensive mission investigations in different universes: Bronx,
City dump, warehouse, foundry, cathedral, MIND cache, offshore
platform, MIND HQ, and OCP Tower.
* Interactive objects to be destroyed in the arenas (crates, barrels, windows.)
* Six different weapons (with two firing modes): Beretta, Automatic Rifle,
Cobra Cannon (Gatling), Rocket Launcher, Plasma beam, and Electrostatic beam.
* More than 30 different generic enemies: human, robots, and animals.
* Numerous SFX: particles, smoke, explosions, water, etc.
* Three levels of difficulty.
* Arrest mode: Robocop has the option to capture enemies.
* Enhanced visions: zoom and thermal.
* Multi-target lock: Robocop can aim and shoot automatically at up to three
different targets at the same time.
* Bonuses, ammos upgrades, and power-ups.

System requirements
* Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
* DirectX 8.1 (or above)
* Pentium II 450
* 64M Ram
* DirectX8.1 (or above)certified 3D accelerator
* 16 bit, PCI, stereo sound card (DirectX 8.1 or above compatible)
* 8 x CD Drive (or better)
* 350MB of free hard-drive space
* Mouse (or other pointing device)
* Keyboard

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